Turning your real Lego (tm) mini figures into wearable cuff links!
The conversion process is completed to order.  You can send your existing minifigs to us, we will convert them and send them back.  Alternatively, we can seek them out for you.  We do not use fake Lego.

We will quote you the total cost of the mini figures and conversion cost for your acceptance.

You can find us:
Online and Facebook all year.

One day at the e-bridal expo at Gloucester Park Saturday 19 May.  It was a great day, thanks to all who dropped by had a chat.  Looking forward to helping with that one potential accessory that speaks to your personality and who are.

Remember if I don't have it in stock, I can hunt it down for you and give you a quote prior to any financial commitment.

Opening Hours:
We are open 24/7
Contact via email, fill out the contact form and send us your questions. Thank you!

We accept the following payment methods:
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soon as possible.

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